Monday, April 18, 2011

My story and thoughts about Twitter

This is a post about what I thought about the all popular Twitter the first time I've used it.

So .. Let's see.. Huh..
The first time I've tried Twitter was because I saw a reporting on TV News. It was going on about the all new stuff Twitter brought to social networking so I was like : "whooaaa.. I definitely need to make a Twitter account and check it out!"

Then I went straight to the computer to make an account on Twitter..
and what I've seen the first time there didn't really impress me. I was not such a social person before , so I was like "meh..who cares what I'm going to eat tonight " and the next thought was " ohh and the 140 character limit is soo awful.."

So I moved on and many things passed.. I guess there were like .. what?.. like 2 years I didn't even bother to open my Twitter account.. It was starving there :-(

So, then I moved here , in Mexico and when I went to their school they all started like "hey what's your Facebook " and I was like oh well I haven't got one.. Anyways Let's leave the facebook story alone I'm gonna make another post for that one :-)

So anyways, then I started using Facebook more and more, and this social networking thing made me want to open my Twitter account again.. So I opened it , the interface was pretty awesome now, and I put a profile photo.. and started learning about hashtags and about trends and then I figured I could search up on stuff and have realtime opinions about stuff like " awesome new shoes" and then I could see there were people all over talking about shoes..
So then I started updating my Twitter account more often and more often, but saw that I do not have many followers.. So i started going on to the trends so I could reply on stuff there or even make an update for that trending thing so more people could get to see my account and eventually if they liked it they could follow me.. I've been kind of lucky because some people now follow me, and now I follow some people.. I have 31 followers and I follow 21 people..That's good for a Twitter newbie I guess :-)

Ahh, and before ending this blog entry, I would like to say that sometimes I am very dissapointed how many people label Twitter as useless before even looking at it more closely.. and it's even worse when they make an account and just occupy the username .. :-( I would like more people I know to use Twitter, but many just don't care about the world around them...

Ok .. so this was all my story with Twitter.. (by the way if you want you can share this on Twitter :) you see there's a button right up there... :) )

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