Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Security Code Error!

Hi guys... Remember when I wrote about the big day and the cellphone unlocking?

Oh well... I thought it would be cool to add to it a security code (it's a Nokia phone) and ... I put the code in... And then guess what... when I tried for the first time to unlock the keypad from my phone (it can only be unlocked with the security code) I couldn't... I said : "security code error"
 And I was just so sad.. I felt a miniheartattack because I was so sure the code was going to work :( but no... FAIL!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - 50GB of free personal online storage

Hi all you free stuff lovers.. I know about this particular site since much time, and I always find good uses for it.. It has a 2GB / file limit and 50GB of free online storage so it's not bad, actually , it's the best offer i ran into until now :-). You can put there your photos, videos and music and clean your local harddrive space.. who wouldn't love that? :-)
Umm yeah.. so there in the left side of this post is a screenshot of how the homepage of Adrive looks like..
Let's see some of it's awesome features:
  • It can fetch content from the web right into your Adrive account.. that means that any stuff you find on the internet and you think it's useful but it's really big and don't have too much free space on your HDD but still have plenty left on your Adrive, then you can put that

Monday, April 18, 2011

How I fell in love with Facebook!

It all started in a day.. when I was digging the Internet to find a good enough online bookmarking site that would beat Google's ... And while searching and searching, I went over this "Facebook" think and I was like "it contains the word `book`'s got bookmarks!" and did an account. At my first login I was pretty disappointed of what I've seen.. it was totally not what I was expecting... It was Facebook! A social network! I was like " wait wooot I don't want to see how many fish my friend catched last night.. I want bookmarks man!! "
Yeah..Who wouldn't freak out?
And then I moved on I was like  "meh.. next?"
After like 1-2 years of my account just being parked getting e-dust over it I moved to Mexico and now here everybody was like " what's ya facebook" and I was like  "what did you just tell me?"
Then I started viewing many reviews about Facebook so I could know more about it and use it's power to the maximum.

So many attempts to host my blog myself.. Failing every time.

I've never really been interested in having a weblog before, I wasn't all enthusiast about it.. I always preferred to conform with just reading other people's blogs.. But one day, while reading one blogpost about Wordpress, and it started going on about , the open source software is using. I was all like "whoaa wordpress hosted by me all the wayy" ..
So I went on to search for a good, free webhost. I found and all I can say about it is that it was

Big day- Cellphone unlocking

Umm yeah so today is a big day for me, because I was waiting for such a long time to unlock this cellphone.

Though it's a dumb Nokia that lags as hell, I discovered a way to get free internet from my provider .. so that's better than good because .. look, I'm kind of a poor one,
and my mom doesn't have enough money to buy another computer , and you know I am pretty sad about that because of course I'm in love with computers you can see that right now I'm writing this post...

Ohh money.. who wouldn't do so many things for money...

So anyways now let's get back on topic.. So with that phone I'm now supposed to do the usual stuff I did before ..

My story and thoughts about Twitter

This is a post about what I thought about the all popular Twitter the first time I've used it.

So .. Let's see.. Huh..
The first time I've tried Twitter was because I saw a reporting on TV News. It was going on about the all new stuff Twitter brought to social networking so I was like : "whooaaa.. I definitely need to make a Twitter account and check it out!"

Then I went straight to the computer to make an account on Twitter..