Monday, April 18, 2011

Big day- Cellphone unlocking

Umm yeah so today is a big day for me, because I was waiting for such a long time to unlock this cellphone.

Though it's a dumb Nokia that lags as hell, I discovered a way to get free internet from my provider .. so that's better than good because .. look, I'm kind of a poor one,
and my mom doesn't have enough money to buy another computer , and you know I am pretty sad about that because of course I'm in love with computers you can see that right now I'm writing this post...

Ohh money.. who wouldn't do so many things for money...

So anyways now let's get back on topic.. So with that phone I'm now supposed to do the usual stuff I did before ..
check my Twitter, E-mail, Facebook and so on...
And also write on this blog! (Though I'm sure it's going to be really hard with that numeric keypad :( )
So anyways , I think I'm like.. done writing this post so i think I'm going to need to get dressed and going now to see if the phone got unlocked already (crossed finger :-) ) 

EDIT: Umm yeah so I was to the shop where they were going to unlock the cellphone and I was all so excited about all that stuff and waited like 10 minutes for the man with whom I spoke before with to stop talking to his phone or checking his Facebook and then all that for him to tell me : "No, you still have to wait 3 hours"
So when I heard that I was feeling so sad.. but anyways it's still ok now because my mom is not home so even though that phone didn't get unlocked for me to get internet then I still have the internet to say what I feel and check Twitter and all that stuff...

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