Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Security Code Error!

Hi guys... Remember when I wrote about the big day and the cellphone unlocking?

Oh well... I thought it would be cool to add to it a security code (it's a Nokia phone) and ... I put the code in... And then guess what... when I tried for the first time to unlock the keypad from my phone (it can only be unlocked with the security code) I couldn't... I said : "security code error"
 And I was just so sad.. I felt a miniheartattack because I was so sure the code was going to work :( but no... FAIL!

Anyways, for all those of you who might have gotten here because of searching for that same error, then the only advice I have to give is to get your phone to the closest Nokia center, or to a phone unlocker, he can do the same thing.. That's what I will do.. I will take the phone to the same shop they unlocked it for me and will have to pay them again. A good advice too would be to get a Data Cable for your phone because the next time this would happen to you , you would have the Data Cable and you could fix it alone, at home for free.. That's why I feel so sad, because my phone is really not popular, so finding a Data Cable for my model is pretty hard.

Anyways , thanks for reading this and I hope I helped  you in some way.. Also, If you don't have enough money to pay for resetting the security code, there are sites that know master security codes for certain Nokia phones if you give them your IMEI number!

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