Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Adrive.com - 50GB of free personal online storage

Hi all you free stuff lovers.. I know about this particular site since much time, and I always find good uses for it.. It has a 2GB / file limit and 50GB of free online storage so it's not bad, actually , it's the best offer i ran into until now :-). You can put there your photos, videos and music and clean your local harddrive space.. who wouldn't love that? :-)
Umm yeah.. so there in the left side of this post is a screenshot of how the homepage of Adrive looks like..
Let's see some of it's awesome features:
  • It can fetch content from the web right into your Adrive account.. that means that any stuff you find on the internet and you think it's useful but it's really big and don't have too much free space on your HDD but still have plenty left on your Adrive, then you can put that there and if you ever need that content you can get it off from your Adrive account and don't have to worry anymore if the page you bookmarked for download will be taken down or not. 
  • There's a 2GB file size limit.. That is a very big advantage.. Let's say you want to save your big 1.5GB movie clip to some online place so you have it backed up.. well guess what.. on most free online storage services the max file size would be something of like 200MB, and you'd have to split the clip into many files that are hard to manage... Not anymore with Adrive around here! Welcome to the awesome part of the Internet :-) .
  • It also uses Zoho, which is really, really helpful if you upload copies of your Microsoft Word documents so you have a backup of them. If you want to correct some mistake but don't want to download the whole thing again, modifi it and then upload it again to Adrive, which is very time consuming, you just select "Edit with Zoho" and BAM!! It will open a new page showing your Word document and you can edit it there. Then save it and you're done.. Huh.. How awesome is that? It helped me alot with that Zoho thing around .. And overall it saved me like 5Hours of downloading and reuploading ... Awesome huh? :-)
  • You can also share your files on that service..Let's put it like this: You have an awesome brand new movie ripped from a DVD and then encoded it to fit 2GB.. and you tell your friend " yo , i have the newest movie in the movie industry" and your friend will be like "yeah , cool..can i have it?" and then you can tell him "yeah of course, here, download it from this link.." And you give them the link Adrive gave you when you selected the share button in Adrive...
  • I am still amazed at the amount of free storage it gives you for FREE! 50GB .. That is alot.. No other service offers that much...
Ok , so afterall this long and boring post, you may be wondering "ahh ok , that Adrive thing is so cool, where do I fid it?"
Well, I have the answer : http://www.adrive.com
That's the link to Adrive.. And trust me, you won't regret signing up at them.. :-)

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