Monday, April 18, 2011

How I fell in love with Facebook!

It all started in a day.. when I was digging the Internet to find a good enough online bookmarking site that would beat Google's ... And while searching and searching, I went over this "Facebook" think and I was like "it contains the word `book`'s got bookmarks!" and did an account. At my first login I was pretty disappointed of what I've seen.. it was totally not what I was expecting... It was Facebook! A social network! I was like " wait wooot I don't want to see how many fish my friend catched last night.. I want bookmarks man!! "
Yeah..Who wouldn't freak out?
And then I moved on I was like  "meh.. next?"
After like 1-2 years of my account just being parked getting e-dust over it I moved to Mexico and now here everybody was like " what's ya facebook" and I was like  "what did you just tell me?"
Then I started viewing many reviews about Facebook so I could know more about it and use it's power to the maximum.

I see there are lots of people on Facebook , so it is a very powerful tool for you to use if , for example , you just moved in Great Britain , and one of your friends told you that he had a friend in Great Britain that could help you out there.. but he never told you the name of that guy.. Well you could search for people in Great Britain and Facebook's awesome system would help you to find the persons that are most relevant to you. I.e. the friend who told you he had a friend in Great Britain had that friend added as a friend in his Facebook profile (huh that stuff sound confusing I know :-) )
On Facebook you can also put up lots of photos of you and your friends and also see many photos of you and your friends so it is awesome to lose time around there.. you can write on people's walls, have private messages, it also has a chat and you can comment on friends statuses and photos!

And I started making friends on my Facebook and now I'm just one of the millions of active Facebook users.. :-) Oh and by the way if all this time you were wondering "but where in the world can I find this guy on Facebook..?" Well it's really easy :
Yup.. That's all.. But beware, most of my stuff there is in Spanish :-)
So if you know Spanish and would like to add me as a friend then go ahead :-)
Also if you're interested in Social Networks perhaps you might want to see my story with Twitter.

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