Monday, April 18, 2011

So many attempts to host my blog myself.. Failing every time.

I've never really been interested in having a weblog before, I wasn't all enthusiast about it.. I always preferred to conform with just reading other people's blogs.. But one day, while reading one blogpost about Wordpress, and it started going on about , the open source software is using. I was all like "whoaa wordpress hosted by me all the wayy" ..
So I went on to search for a good, free webhost. I found and all I can say about it is that it was
an awesome host...
And I've configured everything on my computer all the files I needed to upload over FTP (i wanted to be old school, I know I could've done that way faster from cPanel)

So , even though I had all that stuff well configured and uploaded, why didn't I continue using it? Well, I guess it pretty much was because I never really had anything useful to post about..

But now I feel like it just comes into my mind.. stuff to blog comes in my mind..and it's welcomed by me :-)

Anyways, why am I using Blogspot right now? Well, a few valid reasons for me would be that :
  • It gets really fast when stuff is hosted on Google's servers
  • It is easy to use (I find the wordpress interface bloated...)
  • It has easy to use plugins (for example the Twitter feed I put on the right was really easy to make, I just went to , customized it then it offered me with an option to add as an widget to blogger)
  • I simply find it easier than me having to deal with all the FTP stuff and all.. 
I am now thinking to try again to host the blog myself , though my main blogging would be done here and the other one would just be a copy with the posts of this blog, and since I am using Linux Ubuntu right now, when I say host the blog myself, I really mean it.

I'm going to learn to configure my laptop into being a wordpress blog server.. Though I guess it will be down everytime I turn off the PC, well who cares about that one it will be just for testing purposes and if it really gets big ( which probably won't ever happen ) I will upload it to some host and buy a domain for it..

Though for now all I should really be thinking about is to make this one better..
What do you think about hosting your own blog? :-)

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